The Doodle Course - a self-guided course on creative doodling

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The Doodle Course - a self-guided course on creative doodling

Carolina The Doodler
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Become the creative artist you were born to be!


  • You like to doodle but you think it's a big waste of time

You doodle a lot but you have no clue why you do it and if you can use your doodles for anything useful.

  • You don't take your doodles too seriously

You doodle a lot but you throw away or give away your doodles because you think you can always doodle more.

  • You want to be an artist but you think you can't be

Deep down you want to be an artist, but all you know how to do is doodle and you think you're never going to be a real artist.


  • A doodling method to practice doodling anytime, anywhere
  • Fun doodling methods to unleash your creativity
  • Simple doodling concepts to learn to doodle better
  • Easy-to-follow activities to practice every lesson
  • A method to make better use of all your doodles
  • Prompts to help you draw inspiration from your doodles
  • AND a Bonus Lesson to show you how you can become professional doodler!

Here's what's included in The Doodle Course:

  1. The Doodle Course Guide (downloadable PDF)
  2. 10 easy-to-follow doodling lessons
  3. 10 fun doodling activities to practice what you learn in each lesson
  4. My method to turn your doodles into awesome illustrations!
  5. A simple guide to finding your own drawing style
  6. AND a Bonus Lesson to show you how you can become professional doodler!
  7. PLUS an invitation to feature your doodles in my virtual art exhibit "The Doodle Art Show"

What People are Saying About The Doodle Course

I gave my daughter the doodle course for her 15th birthday and to my surprise she did the whole thing and now she wont stop doodling! I think I have a real artist in my home now! Angela C.

Oh yes! This all the way! You are SUCH a good teacher!


Hi! I'm Carolina The Doodler!

I've always loved to doodle. I grew up watching my mom doodle A LOT, so naturally I became a doodler myself. My BIG problem was that I always threw away or gave away my doodles and never really took them seriously. I thought that doodling was just a silly thing I did and nothing would ever come from it. In my heart I knew I was an artist, but I always felt extremely out-of-place with the more serious artists out there.

Until one day I met an artist who told me to stop giving and throwing away my doodles because every doodle I got rid of was worth WAY more than I ever imagined. That’s the day everything changed for me. Before I knew it I developed my own doodling method, I found my own style and I started making money selling my art.

Today I'm a Professional Doodler, I own a successful Face Painting business and I teach other potential doodlers like you to become the artists they were born to be.

But enough about me, let's get YOU doodling!


  • You are ready to do amazing things with your Doodles

You doodle a lot and you’re ready to learn exactly what to do with all your awesome doodles.

  • You are ready to take your doodling skills seriously

You are ready to stop throwing away and giving away your doodles because every doodle is worth a lot!

  • You are ready to become the artist you were born to be

Knowing how to doodle is your thing and you’re ready to show the world how amazing your doodles can be.

Don't wait any longer to start your creative journey. Join me and start doodling today!

Here's a glimpse into what you'll learn:

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You'll get The Doodle Course + The Doodle Course Workbook

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Invitation to my virtual art exhibit "The Doodle Art Show"